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1992-1993 ball

This is one of her most famous routines.
She performs under an unusual bells music that shows since the beggining that this routine is not like the rest.
The pic shows the starting position. When the music starts, she moves her leg up and down while tourning round and doing perfect and different balances, as she were a bell herself. She continues with an arching balance that fits the hard sound of a bell. Then, Larissa sits on the carpet and rolls the ball over de carpet to both sides whereas her arms are still imitating a bell. After this, Larissa stands up and does 2 arching split leaps while throwing the ball and she catches it during the second leap. Larissa shows again her originality when she bounces the ball with different parts of the arms, hands and elbow. Then the music become slow and she does a wonderful split pirouette. During the pirouette, she puts the ball in her back and finish the pirouette catching the ball with the other hand backwards and bounces the ball several times again according to the music, which now bells are sounding fast. Next step is a ball throw, tourning split leap, and an arching balance catch. She bounces again the ball and puts it on the carpet with her knee on it, and rolls the ball over the carpet and her leg. Now Larissa does maybe the most difficult throw or catch of the routine. She throws it during an arching leap, does 2 rolls, and catches the ball in the middle of the second rool! The she does some rolls using her whole body, in one of them, she lying on the carpet, catchs the ball with her feet, and rolls it over her legs, body and arms till her hand that is straight over her head. When she stands up, she does a pair of little balances and backward throws. Then she throws the ball under her leg during a split leap and catches it with her legs sitting on the floor. Then, an incredible and original moment, she catches her leg backwards (as in a fish position), catching the ball with her knee with the leg catched, and moves her leg changing the position into a split balance, showing her flexibility. And the final throw, a leg catch backwards, a roll, and a risky catch for the end in an arching position sitting on the carpet.
With this routine, Larissa shows how to use and catch the ball with different parts of the body, not only with hands
One of Larissa's masterprices!

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