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-Link to a petition against the corruption judging in RSG
   -Links related to Larissa:
    Larissa Lukyanenko, by Rosa Maria Riera
    Larissa's profile at "Best of the RG World", by Mª Ángeles Sánchez

    -Fan Sites:
    Alba Caride, by Paula Fdez - Bujarrabal
    Almudena Cid, by Emi Martin
    Anna Bessonova, by Nuria Arias
    Carolina Pascual, by Jess Garcia
    Ekaterina Serebrianskaya, by Nuria Arias
    Elena Vitrichenko, by Emi Martin & Paula Fdez - Bujarrabal
    Esther Dominguez, by Jess Garcia
    Eva Serrano, by Anne Pomathiod
    Irina Tchachina, by Maria
    Marina Lobatch, by Rosa Maria Riera
    Oksana Kostina, by Jess Garcia
    Yulia Barsukova, by Rosa Maria Riera
    Yulia Raskina, by Marina Gil - Celedonio

    -Private Sites:
   Best of the Rhythmic Gymnastics' World, by Mariangeles Sanchez
    Spanish Rhtyhmic Gymnastics, by Paula Fdez - Bujarrabal
    Host to Ukrainian Rhythmic Gymnastics, by Lida Vinogradna
    Rhythmic Gymnastics, by Alexander Kochann
    Tazine's RSG pages, by Anne Pomathiod

    -Photo Pages:
    Artgym, by Frank Gomez
    Patrick Tower Photography, by Patrick Tower
    Barnys Photopage, by Bernd Thierolf

   -Other interesting sites

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