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News & Updates


- 12th April:
   Updated 93, 94, 95 and 96 photo galleries, and rewrite a report about 1992-93 ball routine

- 25th November:
   Started routines section with her 1992 / 93 ball and 1993 / 1994 clubs routines.
Updated 1996 photo gallery with 8 new pictures and 1992 with 4 new ones.
-10-12nd November:
  Larissa went to the Grand Prix in Deventer (HOL) as a the Belarussian coach! We wish her the best luck and secceed with her girls.
-5th November:
  Updated the links section, including a link to a petition against the corruption judging in Rhythmic Gymnastics, please, if you would like this sport to be a SPORT and honor, sing it!! We need your help. Thanks beforehand.
-28th October:

   Started 1993 photo gallery with 8 pictures.
   Updated 1992 photo gallery 5 news pictures from DTB - Pokal in Karlsruhe, and exhibition in December and the World Championships in Brussels.
    Updated the 1995 photo gallery with 3 new photos

-27th October:

  Added Awards section and a poll in which you can vote for Larissa's best apparatus.
A report after the 1994 World Champonships and more photos will be added soon.

                   -22th October:
    I am very sorry, but I have had some problemas with my internet conection and I could not work on this site. Today I can update only some files, but now I hope to finish this site soon.
   Information and links section are aviable now, and I have changed the profile's picture.

-20th September:

    I publish this site about the wonderful gymnast Larissa Lukyanenko.
Here you will find some information about Gennadievna, as good as some nice pictures.Her profile is also aviable, and please, don't forget to sing the guestbook and leave there your opinion.
    Also you can email me at for anything you want to say to me, to complain about my site, tell me some advices or just to contact me. I'd be very glad to receive your emails.

    The site will be updating often. Right now, it's still under construction, but new sections will be added soon.

    I hope you like my work, and please, love Larissa!

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