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1993-1994 clubs

  This is one of Larissa's most elegant routines, it's also one of her bests. She performs under a slow and beautiful music. She is able to convien a slow music with the fast clubs' movements. She is really an artist! The routine is full of emotions. She shows her wonderful corporal technique, doing amazing balances, leaps and, specially, pirouettes, while playing with the clubs. In the middle of the routine, Larissa has both clubs backwards on her hands, and she moves them ahed her with a very flexible arms movement while she does a grand ecart balance. After this, she puts the clubs in one hand  and throws them at the time she does a side roll over the carpet.
Those elements are amazing and the audience always chear her up when she does them. In spite of the music's character, she does modern but delicated body movements. In this routine, Lukyanenko shows also her arms flexibility when she catches the clubs backwards with both hands, and movesthe other. In the middle, she does 2 arching spleat leaps and catches the clubs in an arching position while she sits on the carpet. The routine ends with a perfect leg side catch spin.

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