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1994 hoop


This is a very special routine from Lukyanenko, as always risky and original. It begins with a hoop throw and she catches it in an arching balance through the hoop. The music is strong while Larissa executes some rolls of the hoop on the floor.  Larissa stands up and moves the hoop with several parts of her body as her neck, acording to the music, and her famous and perfect serie of 3 splits en tournent leaps followed with a great throw under a slip leap and a roll and catches the hoop during an arching balance again from a corner of the carpet to the other.The music becomes faster each second, and after it, she throws again the hoop and do and arching leap and a side split balance. There are more original elements about using the apparatus like when she does a rotation with the knee and the she jumps through the hoop as in the picture, not doing the same split leap that the rest of gymnasts usually do. She rolls the hoop over her arms and another original elemt is there: she does a perfect side balance with the hoop down and she rolls it up to her hand while she is through the apparatus. The routine finishes with a wonderful throw under 3 rolls and a leg catch on the floor. A risky end that make us shout and chaer up for her great work!

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